The selection of forged steel globe valves needs to follow the principles
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The selection principle of forged steel globe valve is:

1. On pipelines that do not require strict convection resistance. That is, where the pressure loss is not considered.

2. The stop valve should be used on the pipeline or device of high temperature and high pressure medium. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, high-temperature and high-pressure pipelines of petrochemical systems.

3. There are flow adjustment or pressure adjustment, but the adjustment accuracy is not high, and the pipeline diameter is relatively small, such as the pipeline with a nominal passage of ≤50mm, it should be selected.

4. Small valves can choose needle valves, instrument valves, sampling valves, pressure gauge valves, etc.

5. Small fertilizers and large fertilizers in synthetic industrial production should use high-pressure angle stop valves or high-pressure angle throttle valves with a nominal pressure of PN160 and a nominal pressure of 16MPa or PN320 and a nominal pressure of 32MPa.

6. In the desilication workshop of the alumina Bayer process and the pipelines that are prone to coking, it is easy to choose a direct-flow stop valve or direct-flow throttle valve with a separate valve body, a removable seat, and a cemented carbide sealing pair.

7. For water supply and heating projects in urban construction, smaller pipelines are nominally passed through, and cut-off, balance valves or plunger valves can be selected, such as pipelines whose nominal diameter passes through less than 150mm.

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